DLF Sweden is a trade association for companies that produce or import goods for resale to the grocery retail and foodservice markets in Sweden. Scroll down for a membership tariff and application form.

Mission statement
DLF is a trade association with the purpose of promoting an efficient, innovative and sustainable FMCG industry.

Business-relevant knowledge
An array of surveys, reports, market information, analyses and presentations cover areas of interest to our member companies. A few examples of these products, that are available free of charge to our members, are:

DLF Kundprofiler™ – Retailer profiles, providing insight into the retailers’ strategy and future priorities. Include information on company structure, business strategies, financial development, key personnel etc.

Dagligvarukartan™ – An annual overview of the Swedish grocery retail trade in figures.

Restaurangkartan™ – An annual overview of the Swedish restaurant trade in figures.

DLF Retail Index™ – Quarterly sales index, measuring the sales of DLF’s member companies to the grocery retailers.

DLF Foodservice Index™ – Quarterly sales index, measuring the sales of DLF’s member companies to the foodservice wholesalers.

Restaurangindex™ – Quarterly restaurant sales index.

DLF NEWS – newsletter about our latest reports and selected retail trade news.

DLF Marknadsutsikter – a forecast of the Swedish grocery market, looking at how the various channels will develop during 2022 through to 2025,

GfK’s annual Private Label and KPI reports

Inspiring events
The association’s subsidiary DLF Service AB arranges a couple of annual events that work as networking arenas and attract several hundred executives. With the breakout of the pandemic, the larger part of our events, for instance our popular lunch talks with retailer and foodservice wholesaler CEOs, moved online. Today we arrange a large number of webinars on various topics that are of great interest and value to our members.

Our physical conferences are:

Foodservice – Annual Foodservice conference.

Autumn Meeting – Annual top leader forum.

DLF Academy
DLF Service also offers a number of tailor-made courses designed to meet the needs of the grocery industry:

• Negotiation skills training course
• Better business decisions with POS and loyalty card data
• Public procurement
• Competition law
• E-learning: Introduktion till dagligvarubranschen (An introduction to the FMCG trade)

Industry development
DLF, in collaboration with the retailers’ organisations Svensk Dagligvaruhandel and the foodservice wholesalers’ organisation Livsmedelsgrossisterna för Restaurang & Storkök, initiate and carry out various industry projects which help streamline and develop the industry.

Trade initiatives
In the year 2018, DLF launched “the 2025* Plastic Initiative”, a voluntary commitment and clear statement that the grocery industry in Sweden intends to push forward towards a circular economy. The goal is to make sure that the plastic consumer packaging put on the market by DLF’s member companies is recyclable by 2025. The Initiative also aims at improving the recycling grade of plastic waste in accordance with the producer responsibility for packaging (2018:1462) Read more

In order to lead the way and contribute towards achieving the goals of the 2015 international Paris climate agreement, which commits to keeping global warming well below 2 degrees, DLF Sweden’s Board of Directors has launched the 2025 Transportation Initiative. In signing the initiative, the FMCG industry affirms its voluntary commitment to pursue the goal of accelerating the transition to a fossil-free transport system. The goal is that our member companies should have ended the use of fossil fuels domestically by 2025. Read more

2021 saw the start of the Matmissionen (The Food Mission) collaboration between DLF, Svensk Dagligvaruhandel and Stockholms Stadsmission which enables our member companies to donate excess products that otherwise would have gone to waste, to Matmissionen’s social supermarkets.

Business activities
The business activities carried out alongside our trade association work include the subsidiary ClearOn, and the partly-owned Svenska Retursystem AB, GS1 Sweden plus the packaging material companies Metallkretsen AB, Returkartong AB, Svensk Plaståtervinning AB and Svensk Glasåtervinning AB which handle the recycling of packaging in accordance with the producer responsibility for packaging and packaging material.

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